Green Spot – Quails Gate


Having made their long journey across the Atlantic ocean to Ireland, the ex-Pinot Noir casks from Quails’ Gate were filled with Green Spot and left to mature for approximately 16 months in Midleton Distillery’s famous warehouses. Vibrant oak-fused aromas with notes of ripe cherry and fresh, juicy raspberry are elevated by the wine seasoning. These aromas are in balance with Green Spot’s signature orchard fruits of apple and sweet pear. The earthy, woodland spices lend themselves to the deep and complex characteristics found interwoven amongst the sweet vanilla and red wine bouquet. The palate begins with a silky and sweet mouthcoating texture, with the wine’s soft tannins gradually showing their presence. Notes of dried cranberries and red apple follow, adding to the ever-expanding array of fruits in this wonderfully complex whiskey. Clove spice and grated nutmeg work in balance with the succulent fruits, seasoned oak and crisp barley. The toasted wood and pot still spices gently fade, with the fruits and red wine seasoning taking the final bow.
2 Bottle Limit.

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