Glenfarclas – 185Th Anniversay Highland Single Malt


It was in May of 1836 that Glenfarclas Distillery was officially licenced for the first time, officially adding the designation “Distillery” to Rechlerich Farm. That’s why in May 2021 Glenfarclas will be celebrating their 185th anniversary with this new limited edition. Glenfarclas is very fortunate to have casks in their dunnage warehouses from 8 different decades from the 1950s to the 2020s. Some of their warehouses even predate the 185th anniversary they are celebrating, as uisge beatha was being made at Glenfarclas a good few years before a licence was held. To mark 185 legal years, Glenfarclas has selected some of their finest casks from across the decades and put together a whisky with old rich sherried flavours that still remain fresh and vibrant in your glass.

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