Dujardin – V.S.O.P.


Henricius Melcher, founding father of the company, was registered in Uerdingen as a chartered brandwine distiller as early as 1743. In the 19th century his successor built up extensive contacts throughout Europe and particularly with vintners in the famous French wine region of Charente. One of the major suppliers here to find was the Dujardin family, who subsequently set up a joint company with the Melcher family. A perfect union of French wine growing tradition and German distillation skills was established. The celebrated offspring of this marriage is the aged brandy Dujardin VSOP that has gained enormous reputation for its high quality. While ageing in small limousin oak barrels, Dujardin develops a full bouquet with a smooth and rich taste. Aromas of sweet honey, orange zest and clove spice. Very mellow and round on the palate with a bit of heat in the finish.

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