Caballito Cerrero – Azul Blanco 46


Caballito Cerrero continues five generations of tradition as agave growers and vino de mezcal producers dating back to the 1600s. Because Caballito Cerrero uses both agave tequilana (azul) and agave angustifolia (chato), the Consejo Regulador del Tequila no longer certifies them as a tequila distillery. Caballito Cerrero Azul Blanco 46 is the flagship of the lineup at 46% ABV. The mature blue agaves are slow-cooked in a stone oven, crushed by a roller mill, open air fermented with natural yeast, and double-distilled first in stainless steel and then in copper. On the nose are immediate and intense notes of slow-cooked agave, black pepper, lime peel, green chili, green melon and green pineapple skin. The palate is vegetal with cooked agave, minerality, mint, earthy, herbaceous and green melon sweetness shining through. The finish is long and intense, with fresh herbs, white pepper, minerality and earthiness.

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