IMG_20140924_132600North America has seen a massive explosion in the number of small craft breweries now making their wares available to the discerning drinker and here at Edgemont we are pleased to have a huge selection of these beers, with products available from almost 400 breweries. Many of these beers are available in the 650ml (bomber) sizes, making them ideal for sharing, although we also carry a large number of the more traditional 6 and larger pack formats.

We love to support local craft breweries, we were the first liquor store to sell the beers of North Vancouver’s Bridge Brewing, and we support many other local breweries including Persephone, Black Kettle, Deep Cove, Four Winds, Phillips, Russell and Parallel 49 to name but a few.

Many of our staff are craft beer lovers and will be happy to recommend something new for you to try, it may become your next go to favourite.